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About me


I am a cancer surgeon. I take care of people with abdominal and gastrointestinal cancers. The most fulfilling times of my week are the conversations I am privileged to have with my patients – discussing their new diagnosis, putting that cancer into context within their unique life circumstances, and figuring out together what to do next.

I started this blog to reach more people that have similar questions and dilemmas to the patients I treat in my small corner of the world. Some of these questions revolve around specific facts related to common cancers. Other questions transcend the anatomy and physiology of cancer, and delve into the nutrition, exercise, philosophy, and even the end-of-life decisions involved in cancer care. As this blog grows and evolves, I hope to address those aspects and any other aspects you would find value in.

This blog is my service to you, so please drop me a line with any comments and topics you would want to hear more about.

Thank you for joining me,

Rajesh Ramanathan MD

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