Dissecting Cancer Podcast: Nutrition and Cancer

With our guest Megan Brooks RD, we explore how nutrition affects cancer. Topics discussed include:1) impact of red meat, sugar, dairy, processed foods, alcohol2) value of vitamin supplementation, organic foods and non GMO3) optimizing nutrition during chemotherapy or surgery4) tips to caregivers5) future directions in immunonutrition

Dissecting Cancer Podcast: Genetics and Cancer

In this inaugural episode of DISSECTING CANCER, we explore the impact of inherited genes on cancer. With our guest host, we discuss:1) how genetic predispositions affect cancer development2) link between particular genes and cancer such as BRCA and breast cancer3) big data and predictive modeling4) testing, insurance coverage, direct to consumer5) impact of testing onContinue reading “Dissecting Cancer Podcast: Genetics and Cancer”

Part 3 – What kind of pancreas cancer do I have?

This is a topic worth diving into since there are several types of pancreatic cancers. They are very different with regards to the treatment and the prognosis. In general, when people discuss pancreas cancer, they mean pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. This is a type of cancer that grows out of the glands of the duct ofContinue reading “Part 3 – What kind of pancreas cancer do I have?”

Part 2 – All about the pancreas

The pancreas is a soft and delicate organ located in the middle of your upper abdomen against the spine. Even though the pancreas is a single organ, we describe it as having a head, neck, body and tail. The pancreas is a fascinating organ involved in digestion, hormone production and blood sugar regulation. The pancreasContinue reading “Part 2 – All about the pancreas”

Part I – Where does pancreas cancer (adenocarcinoma) come from?

Most of the time, we do not know why an individual develops pancreas cancers. Medically, this is referred to as ‘sporadic’ (unknown cause). To our best knowledge, a poor diet does not cause pancreas cancer, a lack of exercise does not cause pancreas cancer, and we have not identified a single environmental agent or occupationalContinue reading “Part I – Where does pancreas cancer (adenocarcinoma) come from?”


Hello! Welcome to this blog.I am a practicing surgical oncologist and I work with patients who have gastrointestinal and abdominal cancers. One of my greatest joys in medicine is the conversations I get to have with patients and families who have been newly diagnosed with cancer. Educating patients about their new diagnosis, discussing various treatmentContinue reading “Welcome”